Goals and Responsibilities

 | Post date: 2021/12/7 | 
* Extending and corroborating information technology infrastructure at AUT
* Automation of classical organizational processes by leveraging modern software technology
* Responsible for setup, maintenance and development of the information technology infrastructure of the AUT,  including university’s essential software applications and underlying hardware systems.
* Responsible for maintenance of the university core network, accounting and traffic management, virtualization management,  storage management, university telephone system, desktop support, IT security monitoring, hosting services, university web applications.
* Responsible for the protection of University information assets that are processed or stored in the information systems.
* Organizing ICT departments across the university
* Extending the networking backbone of the university in terms of capacity and coverage
* Development and improvement of suitable software for the university
* Establishment of the security operation center (SOC) for AUT through Implementing Amirkabir university SIEM solution for monitoring event logs and discovery of possible cyber attacks


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